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Me and Tina The Musical

I often get asked what it was like doing Tina the musical in 2018,

especially as I'm now seen as more of a singer who runs a few of bands. What people don’t realise is that I went to Arts Ed performing arts school from 11 – 16, then The Brits then decided on music at ACM in Guildford.

Though I try to deny it… Musical Theatre is in my DNA!

During my time at Tina The Musical, I met several amazing celebrities who were so inspiring including Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Hudson, Rita Ora, Katie Piper, Dame Kelly Holmes, Angela Basset… impressed you enough yet? And not forgetting the legend herself, Tina Turner! Honestly, the whole year was spent pinching myself at this amazing opportunity.

After studying music for years at being a ‘musician’ and running my own business, I chose to see the musical as if I was going back to college. I had to be someone at a certain time every day. I had to be focused and get the job done and my rules didn’t matter as much (which is hard when you’ve been self-employed for years). I studied everything. The behaviours and the discipline/work ethics 6 days a week for a year!!

The cast was killer - some of the best singers I’ve heard in a very long time. The dancers were flawless too and even after 8 shows per week the standard was always incredible.

I have to be honest, and without picking favourites, you couldn’t watch the show without getting blown away by the incredible Adrienne Warren. Pure dancing and singing ability! On top of that, her work ethic was second to none. The focus and drive - I’ve never seen anything like it in real life. It was like a masterclass on determination, grit and professionalism.

While doing these shows, I was still running my company. It was tough. I was up early organizing gigs, issues and bookings. By the afternoon I was running down the road making sure I got to work on time, going over my lines in my head. I was literally working day and night, but I loved it. Though it was tough I always thought that there were people who would love to be in my position whilst I got this amazing opportunity to do the two things I loved and worked my butt off for.

Clearly, I didn't think I had enough on my plate so I did what any busy woman would do… I got pregnant! By the end of my contract, I was doing the ‘megamix’ 5 months pregnant and kicking my legs in the air. My poor child was probably screaming “I'm not a celebrity, but could you get me out of here NOW!”

With all of this being said, I would have paid to be in that environment with all that I learnt. The year flew by and I can now say I’ve been a part of an amazing West End musical. Not many people can say that and I’m grateful to be one of the ones who can!

What was it like? It was like a dream. A hard dream. A dream I had to work to be a part of and at times never felt good enough to be there. Maybe I wasn't good enough, but I was there!

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