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There She Goes – New Promo, Let's Go…

Our roaming band has to be our most fun and interactive band. 5 musicians all singing and prancing around making the room feel like $1,000,000.

The first line up was a success, performing for clients such as Facebook, Google and Just Eat to name a few. Musicians may move on, but I just love to sprinkle on something new!

With a bit of hard work, lots of fun and good energy, we’ve come up with a super-hot line up of 5 fantastic musicians including an awesome singer who knows how to work a crowd and feels no shame.

We recorded the live demos in 4 hours at a studio in Shoreditch, accompanied by my daughter – think she was 4 or 5 months at the time.

I mean, what better way to get her to learn about work ethic than get her right in the mix!

The girls smashed it – Ain’t No Mountain, Jailhouse Rock and the pop hit - Juice.

Now time for the visuals to go with the tracks. After multiple Doodle polls and months of planning, the date was set. It was in everyone's diary and… I FORGOT!

I’ll be honest, at the time a lot was going on especially with a new baby, moving home and the gigs that were currently happening (all excuses btw, I am aware of that).

It was only when I got messages from the girls saying that they hadn’t got any details for the video that the penny dropped. But, this penny was the 10 tonne kinda penny! I knew the girls wouldn’t have another day free for a while (it took ages to get this far) and I had to make it happen!

Needless to say, I pulled it out of the bag by the grace of God. We had a full team ready to go. I even managed to hire a vintage car for the girls to drive around in for the day.

We videoed all 3 tracks in and around London. Juice was recorded in a council estate Airbnb in Chelsea whilst the other 2 videos were shot in a vintage launderette in Fitzrovia!

If you take a closer look, you can even see people doing their washing in the background!

This was the day to put your inhibitions in your back pocket and find your inner Lizzo!!

We are really happy with how the videos came out and I'm just totally in love with the professional team we worked with. Once again the girls were on top form and as they say in life “alls well that ends well!” - and that it did!

Find out more about There She Goes Roaming and watch the rest of the videos here. Follow them on Instagram to keep updated!

Thanks to :

Jimmy Chiba – videographer

Tamar – Make-up artist

Daisy – car hire


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