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Destination weddings

Destination weddings require a lot of thought and planning, and we're here to help you one step of the way and help you choose some of our favourite places to get married around the world. It may be in the Bahamas or maybe a bit closer to home (if you're in the UK) Spain.

Santorini, Greece

If you want your own Greek wedding, then this is the place to go to. The views of the sea make the area look picture worthy and will be sure to amaze your guests. There are some unique locations as-well in this location, the houses are white washed and there are also some volcanic black-sand beaches. We would recommend coming here when it is not during any school holidays though since this is a popular wedding destination.

Provence, France

This location is perfect if you would like to get married in the countryside. It has vine-yards for the wine lovers, lavender fields which make perfect backdrops and adorable villages to stay at. There's also a sea side town! The city or Var is tranquil which you may seek for your wedding, and this location is a bit more close to the UK meaning less travelling is involved to get there.

Victoria Falls, Zambia & Zimbabwe

This magnificent waterfall falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe, it's insanely beautiful and a one-of-a-kind experience. It's surrounded by forest and it is a private place, and for some it's a bucket list worthy area. The waterfall itself can be the perfect backdrop to every picture and the area itself is warm and sunny. Since it's becoming popular getting a catering team isn't too difficult and there is resorts popping up all around it, so getting there won't be a struggle!

The Turquoise Coast, Turkey

If you want a wedding in an area that has a rich history and is next to a beach, look no further! The towns here all have wonderful cultures and some delightful places to eat, and the beaches are perfect to relax on (or if you wish to have your wedding at) with its deep blue see that stretches for seemingly forever.

The Maldives

The Maldives are a place that many people go to for their honeymoon since the area and location are perfect, so this destination is perfect if you don't want to travel after your wedding since you're already in the most amazing resort. The sand at these beaches are white and the weather is pretty much always warm, plus there's many private islands that can cater to different wants and needs, as well as budget.

Venice, Italy

Venice has a very rich history and the towns there are still very historical looking. The cuisine is also amazing. Being here you will simply feel as if you're in a magical world, and no matter how many pictures you may see of this city nothing will prepare you for what it is like to be there in real life.


Barbados is in a tropical wonderland, and the Caribbean island will make you feel like royalty. The beaches here have white sand and also has clear blue sea, with multiple resorts for you to pick to stay at, what more could you want?

These are just a small pick of where you can go for your wedding, the world is at your fingertips to choose from. Whether you want a destination wedding or you want to stay at close to home, we're sure you made a good choice for your big day.


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