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The Do's and the Don'ts of a Wedding Proposal.

When speaking to couples in our consultations, we've heard lots of stories, both good and bad on how popping the question has gone! We've listed some tried and tested do's and dont's and wanted to share with you!!


FOOD - Putting the engagement ring in food may not seem like the worst thing to do, but hiding the ring in food is something that only works in films. Though it may look cute, lets be honest, It is unhygienic and could pose as a massive health risk! Also, the last thing you want is your partner to accidentally swallow your expensive ring or even worse choke or loose a tooth!!

STEALING THE DAY - Getting engaged on someone else's big day is also highly unrecommended. No one wants to share their big moment with anyone else, especially after spending so much money, no matter how close they are. Make your day about you and your partner and get everyone else involved at your engagement party!

FAKING YOUR DEATH - This one might sound strange but some people fake their own deaths or a major accident just before getting engaged. Not only will this give your soon-to-be fiancé/groom a heart attack it may also lead her to saying no. This one is seriously not romantic.

And for the last one, which may seem obvious... Don't propose when you're doing anything that requires your full attention!! Whether that is rock climbing or driving a car. This is one way to get seriously injured and make the proposal special in the worst way possible.

Don't say we didn't warn you!


Here are some great ideas that could work ....

A picnic doesn't sound romantic but it has so much potential to be amazing. You can make/ buy their favourite food and also bring their favourite drinks. It also means that bringing some wine or champagne with you is less suspicious to celebrate the engagement.

INVOLVE THE KIDS/ PETS - If you and your partner have kids you should include them into the engagement. Including kids will make it stand out from all other engagements, and be extra special to them. This can also work with any pets!

RECREATE YUR 1ST DATE - This is just adorable. It'll show your partner that you remember all the little and big moments in your relationship.

SPECIAL LOCATION - Going to a location that your partner has always wanted to go/ has a special memory is an amazing way to propose. This doesn't mean that you need to take the abroad to propose, it could just be a small place that your partner has spoken about loads of times.

Finally, make it simple! It doesn't need to be a big extravagant thing. It could be that you feel like the time is right or it could be your have planned a speech. Sometimes less is more.

No matter how or where you're proposing though, make sure to keep it personal.

If you know that your partner likes to be away from big crowds and attention, don't make it in a populated area like a sports arena. As long as you keep it personal not much will go wrong.

Let us know what you decided to do as your proposal below, we'd love to hear!!


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