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Photo Booth Perfection - AIRSTREAM STUDIOS

When curating your event, you always want to ensure your guests are having the most fun and they remember your night as a stand-out night they won't forget. Photo-booths are great for that as it brings people together, the silly props help to bring a warm atmosphere and EVERYONE looks silly! We'll whilst performing at a wedding in Brighton we found an extremely unique photo booth company going at it from a different angle and we couldn't help but have a chat with them. Em and Matt are now based in Brighton and have the amazing super glam Airstream Studios Photobooth. I had a quick chat with Em & Matt who run the Wedding business and this is how it went ....

Tell us how you started the business?

"We started the business around 5 years ago now. We both love all things vintage and photography related and both had a dream of owning an Airstream one day. We just hadn’t put them all together until the day came when we realised it was the perfect business for us to run together!"

A most common misconception about what you do?

" Photo booths are tacky…. You won’t find an Inflatable guitar, musty wig or pair of oversized glasses in sight! We always love seeing the look on peoples faces as they enter the Airstream. They really love the fun archway of lights surrounding the cocktail sofa and creating crazy photos together. It really is an Aladdin's cave of fun and beauty. "

What's a typical day in the life of airstream studio when on an event?

"A typical day of running an event in the Airstream is getting the 1940’s beauty ready by giving it a quick polish and making sure it’s mirror shine is flawless. We usually set off to an event a few hours before opening time depending on where it is. We used to travel far and wide but we decided a couple of years ago to keep things local as towing a vintage vehicle takes a long time. We have a towing speed of 50mph so we don’t tend to travel further then London, Surrey/Oxford these days." What are your fav props?

" There are too many to mention! We store our beautiful Airstream in a large barn which is bursting with the most amazing props. If you have a particular passion, feel free to message us as we probably will have something perfect for your event or wedding stored away somewhere! Over the years, I’ve bought props from antique fairs, private sellers and amazing suppliers. I like to think we have the most amazing range that will suit everyone. If I had to pin down my favourites, I’d probably say some of our stunning floral and feathered headdresses. We have so many that we cycle depending on the type of event."

Most embarrassing moment at ASS?

"We once ran an event for the Police. We can safely say that they were our wildest guests that we’ve ever encountered! We had full blown nudity many a time during that night and some very ‘creative’ poses! It was pretty unexpected but also hilarious to see how the police let their hair down after hours!" Whats your booking process like?

"I’d like to say effortless! So long as there’s a plug on site and you’re able to fill in our booking form, there’s nothing else to think about! You can let go and know everything is in hand."

What has been your most challenging moment?

"Sadly some events can be a challenge when booze and drugs are taken in excess. Sadly a couple of years ago, someone tried to punch me in the face as I very politely asked them to wait their turn as the Airstream was full of people. It saddens me that people can become so abusive when they are drunk and although we’ve never closed an event early, we've had to include it in our terms and conditions."

What makes it all worthwhile??

" Being part of someone's special day is truly an honour. Most people are a joy to have in the Airstream and we love how happy people are when they receive their prints. We often hear people saying how they usually don’t like photos of themselves but they are going to frame their print from the Airstream. That feels like such a huge compliment to our lovely little booth!"

What top 5 tips would you give customers when taking pics/ booking you ?

"We love to help people choose the best headdresses/glasses/props to go with their outfits or mood. If you need any assistance, we are always happy to help.

We try to encourage people to relax and enjoy their time together in the booth. If you overthink a photo, you might want to do another round! The best photos are when people let go and have fun together.

Some people worry that the studio lighting in the Airstream will look too harsh if they’re feeling a bit self-conscious but it actually enhances the images perfectly. We also use amazing filters that make everyone look their best. We try to encourage our couples to finish no later than 10.30pm. This is so we can capture the best shots of them having fun before alcohol takes over!

Book in early and don’t leave it to the last minute. I can’t tell you how many people contacted us this summer wanting last-minute bookings only to find out we were fully booked since last year. We have bookings as far as 2025 so feel free to email us for a quote! We are always happy to hold the date for you or work out a payment plan." And lastly, what would be your advice when booking?

"Make sure there is enough access for our 22 foot trailer to get through. We have never failed to squeeze into any venue but it always helps when our clients double-check the access before the big day." We would highly recommend Airstream Studios. So do get in touch and let them know @shemusicglobal sent you! ;-)


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