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How To Pick The Right SMG Band For Your Event

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

I read somewhere that your brain should only make a certain amount of important decisions per day. Because of this, I have intentionally curated only a handful of amazing bands (though I have loads more dancing around in my head - I have a mini rave of musicians having a whale of a time up there!). This way it doesn’t get too confusing picking from a bunch of bands that are practically the same - I’m here for you!

Let's be honest, the music side of an event is sometimes seen as the most important aspect, however, most people don’t book bands for the event of their lives every day. It’s the part that brings everyone together harmoniously and nostalgically!

Getting it right is harder than you’d think, but when it's right, it's right.

We're here to help hash out all of the details and ensure you pick the right band for your event!

The She All Stars

Our traditional party/wedding band The She All Stars are what I’d call the Steak & Chips of our collective. The 5 piece band plays all your favourite party classics. Plugin and play with me (hey!) on the vocals - banter included.

There She Goes

There She Goes are great for that something different. "Maybe today you want to try the salmon instead of Steak & Chips?". They're a 3 or 5 piece acoustic band of party girls! There She Goes are fantastic for outdoor parties or intimate living room vibes (while remaining COVID safe!).

The song range is wide and you also have the option of requests on demand. They offer a diverse range of songs with some unusual classics. Don’t be surprised if your guests end up dancing on tables and pretending to be the next Robbie Williams or Beyonce - they just have that effect on people… even me!!!

The Disco Divas

Ahhh so you want to party party? *Reaches in her back pocket and pulls out… The Disco Divas.* Think champagne in Ibiza!

This is for folks who didn’t come to play, they came to respectfully rave! Show me to the D.A.N.C.E.F.L.O.O.R! Using only the finest gospel and session singers in the game, this 3 piece vocal and DJ outfit are MIND-BLOWING! Performing some (if not all) of your dancefloor favourites, but live! With a nice and simple set up, this group have a great festival vibe and sound awesome outdoors as well as indoors. You can also add sax and bongos to the line-up to bring it up to that next level!

Budget-Friendly Bands

For those with a smaller budget, do speak to us about changing the line up to suit your budget - it's all possible.

Here are some examples that could work:

  • There she goes as a duo – Guitar and vocals

  • All Stars with vocals and backing track or as a 4 piece line up for smaller venues and budget

  • We also offer solo DJ & Sax

Whichever band you choose, you can expect the room to be filled with good vibes, dancing and interaction.

Coming Soon – The King Of Hearts Big Band and SMG Gospel Choir - ask for more details.

How Do I Book a Band?

We offer up to 2 x 30 min consultations once your deposit is paid. You can call us as many times as you like in between that, but these are designated times for you.

Speak to one of our advisors or ask to have a chat with one of the musicians in one of the bands - we want to ensure that you get it right. Think of the vibe that you want people to go away with. What do you want them to say? Imagine it in your mind and then tell us! We will do all we can to make that happen for you.


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