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Wedding Guide : Tips for your 1st Dance.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

" If I could have just one dance with you, i'd pick a song that would never end'" Luther Vandross

Picking your 1st dance can be an extremely daunting experience. Think about it...

It’s the song that usually starts the live entertainment for your evening. The emotive song that lets your guests know in music form how you feel about your newlywed.

But what if you love the song but you just can’t dance. We’ll its not that you cant dance but its hearing the ‘one’ and definitely not in font of an audience! The pressure!

Look. The first thing you need to remember is everyone is here for you and your partner. They’ll stand and watch you do the Macarena if that’s what you really wanted. You are loved!

It’s the 1st time you and your partner take to the stage in front of everyone you care about and dance to a song that depicts your love for each other! It’s a lot!

What I can say is , if its any consolation, the people you love will probably not judge you even if you danced to Fraggle Rock (but maybe don’t do that unless its got some special meaning).

But seriously, this is about you and your partner and we want to get it right, so heres some tips i’ve picked up after doing countless 1st dances and speaking to a good few brides and grooms about what makes their 1st dance special :

  • Think About How You Want To Feel At The End : Do you want to feel loved up? Maybe a slow hugging rock. Hyped up? Try a freestyle to your favourite party tune. Wow your audience. Copy a simple dance routine online (no one will know and I certainly wont tell!)

  • Separately, Write Down 5 – 10 Songs That Remind You Of Your Partner : Bring them together. See what you both come up with

  • Have A 1st Dance Party (with a guestlist of 2) : Get a bottle of vino and stick Spotify on. Discuss all of your magical moments and think of songs that remind you of those moments.

  • Take A Minute. How Does Your Partner Make You Feel? : Yeah we know they make you happy but what are the 1st words that come to mind? Stick those words separately into Google + the word "song" or "lyric" and see what comes up!

  • Does It Need To Be Traditional? : To help with nerves or to make your dance more unique, you could have some of your favourite people also dancing with you too. Maybe your parents, siblings, best mates. Change it up!

  • Don’t Over Think It : Yes, the old sayings right “ poor preparation leads to p….. ( you know the rest…) ! Practice. Doesn’t need to be every day, but set enough time aside weekly that you feel confident when you both take to the dance floor

  • Nerves Are Good !: Nerves mean you care, so don’t shy away from them. Just know you’ve practiced and prepared enough to feel more in control

  • And Last But Not Least …. Enjoy It : You wont get this moment at this time ever again with anyone. Enjoy every last moment!

Check out these videos below that may also help:

You've Got This!

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