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Spotlight on Wedding & Party DJ Velocity

Having a DJ at a wedding is a very understandable popular choice for many couples. They turn up, get popped in a corner and play the tracks the way you remember them ! A good DJ's know how to bring a party to life! Miss Velocity (Isabelle to us!) is a DJ that we've worked with on a few gigs over the years, so we decided to ask her some questions so you can see why we just love her! !

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

'Well as you know, im Isabelle, known as Dj Velocity. I've been a professional DJ for around15 years! OMG that sounds like ages when I say it back!"

What do you love most about your job?

"Entertaining people and them enjoying my set! Theres nothing like seeing a dancefloor packed and ready for the next tune!"

If you could pick a song that represents you, what would it be and why?

"Wow so many to choose from and not sure they would really represent me as a song is generally about 1 thing, however during a gig I think I’ll pick Happy by Farrell."

If you could pick a song that reminds you of weddings, what would it be?

" Ahhh deffo, I wanna dance with somebody. Never fails! Its such a TUNE! I might play it after this chat!"

Where do you find the biggest challenge in your job? as as Wedding DJ

"Having enough time to load and make the setup look pretty and neat, I prefer to come a little early and make sure those cables are nice and tidy. Happy to get on with it too in double time if we are pressed for time of course!"

Most memorable moment as a wedding DJ?

" I have had many, but definitely DJing for a female rugby team wedding was on top where they literally tackled each other on the dance floor they loved the music so much!"

Top wedding songs to get people on the dance floor -

"I wanna dance with somebody Happy Uptown funk Aha - Take on me YMCA Pass out Valerie"

Lastly, what advice would you give to a couple choosing their DJ for an party or wedding?

"Don’t go for the cheapest! The reason some DJs ask for more is because they know their true value and they have worked hard to get to where they are, they usually have great equipment too."


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