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She Music Globals Top Valentines Tunes

Valentines is great! It's a time when we can express our love for one another and it's a time when a lot of couples get engaged and start planning their big day.

For some, your partner finally asks for you to be theres, forever in matrimony. The birds start to sing, the stars align, your heart bursts with happiness and life feels perfect... while on the other hand, it can be seen as quite a depressing day for those who are single or not in the greatest relationships, which can be quite lonely!

Setting the right ambiance for your Valentine's celebrations, be it a romantic evening or "Galentines Party" (it's a real thing and a lot of fun!), can sometimes lead to sticking with the same mundane tunes that we've heard over and over again!

So, For all of the above reasons, we've put together some of the coolest love tunes to make you feel happy whatever the situation. Whether the celebration is self-love or love for others.

Both are equally as important and should be celebrated as such, right!

Tunes to make you feel good about YOU as well as the one who has picked you!

Pop this playlist on shuffle in your headphones while doing a workout, in the background over dinner or out loud while you're doing the washing.

Whatever you decide to do on this day, make it a good one and from all of us at @shemusicglobal, Happy Valentines Dayy!


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