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Saxophone Sophie

Updated: May 9, 2022

Sophie is a saxophonist that plays with us regularly, and for a good reason too! Having someone play a saxophone at your wedding is a sure way to get your gets all pumped up and ready to party. Why not continue to read to find out why having a saxophonist play at your wedding is amazing add on to any packages and highly recommended !

Hey Sophie, for those who don't know you, tell us what you do

"I am a Saxophonist, Vocalist, Musical Director and Multi-Instrumentalist."

Oh wow! How long have you been doing all of that? How did you get into it ?

"My background is in Theatre where I worked in the West End and on UK and International Tours for over 10 years. A lot of these productions were Actor-Musician shows where you play instruments as well as signing, dancing and acting - a quadruple threat if you like…

Over the years I have gone more into the music side of the business playing Saxophone and singing in top function bands, playing solo Saxophone gigs (Jazz and Ibiza style Saxophone) as well as Piano/Vocals for London hotels."

Tell us what you love most about your job?

"Variety. I love starting the year not knowing what will be in store and filling my diary with exciting opportunities to meet and work with new people.

I also love looking out at a crowd seeing that my music has made them happy. That is the best thing of all! "

What would you say your USP is/ What makes you unique in your field ?

"I think my USP is that I do lots of things! For example, one week I am singing at a corporate event and the next I am playing Saxophone/Reeds in an Orchestra Pit for a show.

The music business is still very male dominated. It is still thought of as unusual for a woman to play Saxophone let alone be Musical Director leading a band so I feel proud to be a small part of changing that perspective."

If you could pick a song that reminds you of weddings, what would it be?

‘"Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder. I LOVE this song. It is probably performed at 90% of the weddings I play but I’m always excited when I see it on a set list! It’s perfect. Great vocals, wonderful brass and is guaranteed to get the crowd on their feet!"

Where do you find the biggest challenge in your job?

"Logistics. I find weddings are like a big jigsaw puzzle with each supplier and part of the day holding a piece. The music is an important piece but it still needs to fit in with the rest of the puzzle to make the day work smoothly. It’s a challenge but I love it when it all comes together!"

Whats the top 3 questions you get asked by every couple?

1. Song requests and choices. I always like to talk with with a couple and offer advice as to what songs will work best make their day special.

2. ‘Can you play Baker Street?’ Yes - always!

3. ‘Do you play alongside a DJ’ I get asked this a lot. Ibiza style saxophone is so popular and I love to jam along with the DJ and jump around with the crowd to get the party going!

What advice would you give to a couple choosing their Saxophonist for their wedding or party?

"Have a listen to them and watch their videos. Do they have a good sound? The saxophone should be smooth and easy to listen to.

What is their energy like? If booking an Ibiza style saxophonist are they going to get involved with the crowd?

Have a look at their playlist. If you can’t see a particular song that you’d like on there then double check with them. Good musicians are very flexible and are able to learn songs very quickly. "

Most memorable moment as a wedding saxophonist?

"Playing with my band at a ‘Back to the Future’ themed wedding. We were on stage at a theatre in Wales and I remember looking out at a full dance floor with the mirror ball sparkling on everyone dressed in 1950’s costume! It was magical! "

Top wedding songs to get people on the dancefloor

Valerie - Amy Winehouse

Superstition - Stevie Wonder

Blinding Lights - The Weekend

Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars

Pencil Full of Lead - Paulo Nutini

Shake it Off - Taylor Swift

Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

Jubel - Klingande

Thanks Sophie, where can people find you online ?

Instagram: @sophieburkemusic



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