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Non- traditional weddings

Non- traditional weddings have been on a rise recently, and most ideas are amazing that they've been doing. I love to see the unique ideas some of our soon-to-be wedlocked couples say. Some are far more outgoing than others but they all hold the same magic that you wish to have at your wedding.

she music global wedding blog ideas
Hand written letters - such a unique idea!

SHARING HAND-WRITTEN LETTERS BEFORE THE CEREMONY- This one is seriously adorable and I don't understand how this idea isn't as used at it should be. This idea is to express your love to each other before the ceremony starts and can be used in a replacement (or alongside) having a first touch. It's such an intimate thing to do and can make saying your vows even more heartfelt.

LIVE MUSIC DURING THE CEREMONY- Many would assume that live music has to be obnoxiously loud and that you can't just choose the songs you want because the band/ singer has to have music that fits in their genre, which is true to a degree. the genre part not the loudness. the she all stars have proven time and time again that they can change the song up to however it fits them best, so you can have the best of both worlds! there she goes roaming band is a good example of this.

HAVING A WEDDING PAINTER- Wedding painters paint your ceremony through their eyes and this can typically create a completely new perspective to what you see in your pictures. They can paint the majority of the venue and you and your partner standing at the end of the isle together and bring it together wonderfully. This also has a wonderful bonus of having a piece of artwork for your home together!

CRAFTED BOUQUETS- This is a great eco-friendly way to have a unique bouquet that no one else has. They can be created from paper, be croqueted and even sewn together to give you a forever lasting memory. Many people don't do this however since they love the look of flowers so another more eco-friendly solution is to have dried flowers, they might not be as vibrant of fresh flowers but they do hold a certain personality to them that can tie your wedding day together.

HAVING A PRIVATE DINNER AND LAST DANCE- Sometimes there's so many people at your wedding that it can be overwhelming and seem less intimate. Having multiple alone moments together can make this feeling calm down a considerable amount, and having a private dinner instead of a big one with everyone else is a perfect way to prevent it. It also means you can eat whatever you want (yes that includes if you want to have a takeaway). Another way of having these private moments is to have a private last dance. This also means that you can get some amazing photo's of you dancing.

HAVING SENIOR FLOWER GIRLS/BOYS- Recently child- free weddings have been becoming more popular. This then raises the question of who will replace the flower girls since they are usually children, and the simple answer is to appoint the senior people in your life to it. For example have your grandmother and grandfather be the flower girls. Their reaction is always priceless for it. If you don't want to make a senior person the flower girl then you can always appoint that role to your sibling.

DRESS SHOPPING WITH YOUR PARTNER- This one will be the most controversial one yet. Some people go dress shopping with their partners since they deem as a special moment to experience. Many of you may think that the tradition of of partner not seeing you in your dress until the day is important to you, but many don't really believe in the bad luck it is meant to bring you. I think it's a unique but special idea to do and that there should be more people doing it.

UNPLUGGED CEREMONY- There is nothing more annoying than receiving your photo's back to see that there's a phone in it. The way to stop it, have an unplugged ceremony! Having an unplugged ceremony means that you request that no electronical devices come out when it's your moment to say I do. It has an added bonus of everyone being more in touch to your special day too.

FUNKY CELEBRATES- Having a celebrate is a great way to personalise your entire ceremony. You can get one that enjoys the same interests as you and plan your ceremony around references of said interests.

The wedding that you plan for yourself will be one-of-a-kind either way, but why not try to add something more to the day by trying one of these non-traditional wedding ideas. If you've done any non-traditional wedding ideas or have some you want to do why not comment them, we'd love to hear about them! Or for more ideas, get in touch :


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