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My Top 5 Wedding Dress Looks for 2022.

One of the things I love about wedding singing is when I am about to start the 1st dance and seeing the bride walk towards her partner, looking like an absolute Goddess. Beaming from head to toe, in an outfit that is making her feel like a million dollars! Wedding dresses are so varied nowadays, so women are picking what suits their body shape and personality. Here are a few of my favourite looks i've seen so far and hopefully some inspiration, if you need it...

The One Shoulder Wedding Dress

The shoulder and neckline can be an extremely seductive part of a woman, if done right. When added to a wedding outfit it gives me 'classic sensual' vibes. A hint of the shoulder is very sensual choice while not giving too much away.


Theres nothing more gorgeous than a woman who can carry off a vintage look and own it!

This gives the bride a demure softer look while embracing a warm femininity.

Accessories are a great way to add a classical look to your big day.

As you can see these dresses have been inspired from various eras, which is what I also love. This look isn't specific to any era. Just pick your favourite time and research their wedding dresses. Showing you artistic flair and what suits your body.


Now this is a strong look. I totally understand it isn't for everyone, but I just love it. Holding that strong balance of femininity and masculinity. Accessories wise, this also allows you to have bold earrings, bracelets or a timepiece. Also works well with short hair or wanting to have a slick bun.

Bringing The Drama

Now this look is for the lady will not be outdone on her wedding day. There is no question who the bride is, as she will constantly have her maid of honour by

her side, ensuring everything is perfect. Ruffles, feathers rhinestones, diamonds. Large trailing veils, tiaras, feathers, the lot!

In saying that, as you can see from these looks below, 'drama' can come in many forms and and doesn't have to be in your face while still making a very strong statement, 'Today. I get MARRIED!'

The Bad B Bride

Last but but by no means least the 'Bad B Bride' gives us sexiness, daring and glamour.

Glamour is your thing today and always. You love to show off your best bits and will probably need an assistant for the day to ensure every diamond is in place and nothing falls out. This is a hard look to maintain all day, but impossible, never!

1 Comment

Feb 04, 2022

Wow such beautiful styles! Thank uou for sharing these, I’m inspired 🥰

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