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How to Take The Perfect Wedding Photo!

credits to: @rosesandposes_wedding

We get to meet a lot of Wedding and event Co-Ordinator’s along the way. Every so often, we meet someone who catches our eye because of their professionalism, attention to detail, or something that we maybe can’t put our finger on, but it just works! Ria from @roseseandposes_wedding, is one of those people. I’ve met her at a few weddings and loved her style so much, I got her to take the 1st pics of my daughter when she was born.

shot by: @rosesandposes_wedding

We had a quick chat and coffee over Zoom about some tips we could pass on to couples about how to get the photography right for your big day. Let's face it, you (hopefully) won't get a second chance and you want to get it right. Here’s what she had to say….

What do you love about  Wedding Photography? 

"I love to photograph people. Weddings bring out all kinds of emotion in people you don’t normally get this in your day-to-day photography. Nerves, blissful happiness, tears from all ages, pure and raw love, and excitement all in one day."

What’s the hardest thing about your job? 

"The hardest thing is the long hours. You can be working from 7 AM to 8/9 PM and you have to stay focused as there are really important parts that can't be missed. After the long day, you then must go through over 4000 images and edit away."

If you could give some tips to couples for their big day, what would it be?

1. Do not pick a photographer based on value alone, make sure they match your style that you like their work and that you click with them. This is so important. Remember the photos are all that remain after your big day has gone. 2. There are so many photographers out there who shoot completely different styles. Make sure you pick the photographer who suits your style and how you want your wedding to be resented. If you would like someone to document your day in a storytelling way, don’t go with a portrait photographer. 3. Do not just go with the venue's preferred supplier list. Most venue photographers have been on the books for years and although it's good to have someone with experience of the venue you do not want your photos to be a mirror image for the wedding there last week. 4. Lighting is sooooo important for photographers. Think about what you want to create with your photos. Is your venue mainly indoor? If so, speak to your photographer about flash and natural light. If it is mainly indoors make sure you can find some spots to get some couple photos. (big windows are a must). Does the venue have outside space? Do you want your couple shots all done in one go during the day or do you want to step away from your guests and get some golden hour shots? 5. When posing, do what fits you as a couple. If you’re not keen on posing, get some more natural photos, walking, not looking at the camera. A good photographer will help you create not posed looks by talking you through some simple poses. If you want some more staged shots get pinning on Pinterest. For both instances make sure you keep movement in the shot. It might be just tilting your head or hand in your hair, touching the groom's arm. Try not to stay static. 6. Book in advance. Due to Covid, lots of people have pushed weddings back so photographers are getting booked up quickly.

shot by: @rosesandposes_wedding

What do you offer that other photographers don’t? 

"There are a lot of photographers out there at the moment all doing similar things, it's hard to stand out. I still believe that people buy into people, so I want to make the client experience just as important as my photos. I want to have built a relationship with you before your wedding day so that on the day you feel relaxed and comfortable with me. I don’t want to be a faceless email address to you."

Similar to the clients liking the photographer, you as a photographer need to like your clients. There is nothing more evident than a photographer who doesn’t like what they are shooting.

And lastly, what is the biggest lesson you've learned from photography? 

"Keep backups of backups. I have had brides come to me two (2) years later saying they lost the USB of photos. Do not get rid of anything!"

Get in touch with Ria for some more tips via her Instagram: @rosesandposes_wedding or email:

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