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Band Verses DJ

Updated: May 9, 2022

Sometimes picking between a Band and DJ can be a tough choice. (I've even had a couple have a full blown argument, during a consultation, but that's another story!)

There are most defiantly pros and cons to both. I've listed down a few options to think about to help you decide.

Should I go with a DJ?

DJ's are great nowadays. Quick set up, no lugging around lots of heavy records. You can get nearly every song on quick request with a not so complicated set up and very likely, a lot cheaper than a band.

The problem is, this is what most people do.

Its a pretty easy set up and can usually be tucked away, leaving lots of space for dancing.

The other great thing is you can turn the DJ down to whatever volume works for the room.

We really do hand pick our DJ's on our roster for their genuine love for what they do, professionalism and ability to get a crowd going! Take a look at some of our Wedding & Party DJ's

Should I go with a band Instead?

There's nothing better than hearing your favourite party tunes live. From a killer band who know how to bring it! Live harmonies, audience interaction.

This is now turning into not only a great party, but the best party!

Bands take up a lot of room and require a dancefloor space.

Though you can turn the PA system down on a band (just like with a DJ), it is a lot harder to control the sound, especially with things like Drums and horns.

Ask your venue if they've even had live music before;

Does your venue have a noise limiter?

Does your venue have room for a band?

Is a band within your budget?

Yes, we must admit, a band is a luxury, but my goodness you deserve it on your big day!

The above may have given you the nudge you've needed to book either but if you're still confused, we have the answer for you.... The Disco Divas! A great blend of both.

The newest addition to The She Music Global family showcasing some of the UK’s best Soul and House Vocalists. If the dancefloor is your priority, these are the ladies for you. Perfect for a festival themed wedding and more, this eclectic band accompanied by a DJ, saxophonist and percussion are a sure-fire way to get everyone in the party mood.

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