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The Premiere All-Female Wedding & Party Band

of London, Kent & Essex ​




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Take a look at our Wedding Packages & Event Services to make your planning even simpler.  From PA systems and lighting to late-night live DJs, She Music Global has it all and would love to talk to you about how we can elevate your event. 

UK Wedding Music Wedding Packages


Wedding Music Event Services - She Music Global


Booking Your Couldn't Be Simpler ... 


You’ve browsed our collection of hand-selected, bespoke bands and you’re ready to get in touch. What next?


and discuss band options.


Once the invoice is paid you will receive your contract as soon as you confirm your booking online! 


Dance the night away with your friends and family! 


Decide on the right band for you!


Pick a date to meet and and we'll go over all the details and most importantly... The Music!  

Already decided which band you want to bag? Click the Calendly link below for a quick chat or give us a call!

The Premiere All-Female Wedding & Party Band

of London, Kent & Essex ​

Your wedding day is the single most important day you will ever have to plan. From the flowers to the first dance, there’s a lot to consider. You’ve put so much thought and energy into every element of your special day and the same careful thought process should go into your wedding reception. 


I promise you, this isn’t as stressful as it sounds. 


She Music Global provides an unforgettable entertainment experience to weddings, parties and events worldwide. Serving artists and musicians hand-selected by me for their ability to take an event from fun to unforgettable all around London, Kent and Essex as well as regionally. 


Once the I do’s are done, the speeches are toasted and the lights go down, it’s time to truly celebrate your love story on the dancefloor. What better way to do that than with a professional, bespoke party band chosen by you who are guaranteed to get your guests on the dancefloor and, most importantly, keep them there song after song. 

Gone are the days of cheesy DJs with a tired playlist. I’m talking about badass bands and soulful singers who know how to party. 

If you’re based in London, Kent or Essex or anywhere in between, I’m here for you. Whether you’re planning a loud and proud banging bash or a classy intimate celebration of love, She Music Global will provide you with the perfect band for your event.

There She Goes Roaming Band

Effortlessly cool acoustic 'turn up and play' wedding and party band

Now, you’ve booked a professional band before, right? Exactly. It’s not something most people do every day. 


My mission was to create a personalised experience which was professional, simple and easy. She Music Global is just that. 


With a personalised consultation stage, a  seamless booking process and open door policy throughout, booking your wedding entertainment through She Music Global means that all you have to worry about is letting loose and enjoying your big day and the hell of a party that comes after it. 


The She All-Stars

Electrifying 7 Piece Soul & Hits Wedding & Party band

She Music Global creates those ‘in the moment’ moments.  The ones you simply can't forget. I want you to hear ‘that tune’ months later, and be instantly transported back to an energy-filled dance floor full of friends, family and a whole lot of love. 


I can’t promise that by the night your feet won’t ache and your voice won’t be strained. But I can promise you that our family of talented musicians born to perform a track list curated by you will take your wedding reception to the next level.


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